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Wolves help Herts to U-13 glory

Five members of next season's Wolves' under-14 team heloed Herts U-13s to East Region glory at Southend, on Saturday.

Coached by Wolves’ director of basketball Michael Ball, Billy Billy Harmer, Nestor Sharma, Otis Johnson, Pau Biescas Cervantes and Sebastian Ball helped Herts to a 31-15 victory against Suffolk in the final.

The Herts team were in fine form in the group stage as Bedfordshire were 67-13 before Essex were beaten 39-14 to reach the title game.

In contrast Herts girls' team, comprising entirely of players who've either played for Wolves this season or plan to next year, found the going tough. Tor Freeman's side went down 32-6 in the first game and although they improved they lost 22-4 versus Norfolk, 18-8 against Cambridgeshire and 22-10 versus Essex to finish bottom.

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