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  1. Parents may stay on courtside using the benches provided by Sports Zone.

  2. No muddy shoes/stilettos allowed.

  3. Players must wear clean, non-marking sports shoes.  

  4. Changing rooms must be used when changing shoes and/or kit.

  5. All clothing must be kept in a sports bag/backpack and placed at the allocated point/wall at the Sports Hall on arrival.

  6. Players can only enter the Sports Hall if a Club Coach is on court.

  7. All must respect other club teams’/academy players’ sessions by staying on the side of the court until their session begins and the coach allows them to.

  8. Only dribbling on the side (off court) is permitted no shooting even if baskets appear to be unused.

  9. Strictly NO food at all times in the sports hall.

  10. Only resealable drinks bottles are allowed, no cans or cups, and avoid single use plastic bottles.

  11. We also have a no nut policy.

  12. All basketballs/equipment must be put away at the end of the session as instructed by the coaches.

  13. No players are allowed in the store room, must ask a member of staff to access equipment.

  14. Players must leave the court as soon as their session finishes respecting the next group's space.

  15. Parents must collect their children promptly from the Sports Hall at the end of the session (unless already agreed beforehand that they may walk home on their own).

  16. All jewellery must be removed before the session.

  17. All children not participating in a basketball session must be supervised by a responsible person at all times.


 Oaklands Wolves and Sports Zone Staff

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