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Wolves launch CVLs

As part of their aim to increase basketball participation in Hertfordshire and the East Region, St Albans Wolves are launching two development central venue leagues at their Oaklands College home.

Most Sunday afternoons will see an under-13 competition featuring four Wolves teams along with sides from West Herts Warriors, East Herts Royals, Brentwood Leopards and Ipswich in action. The clubs, which include girls' teams from Wolves and Ipswich, will generally play a pair of matches a couple of times each month, with the potential for more sides to join after Christmas..

"We're looking to give as many young players as possible the chance to play competitive basketball without too much travel" said Wolves' secretary Dave Ryan, who will organise the new leagues.

"Half length games help avoid one-sided scorelines, and with a fantastic two-court venue at Oaklands we're looking forward to welcoming other clubs to join our new league.

"We're still hoping to attract sponsors for what we believe will be an exciting competition involving a lot of local kids and anyone interested can get in touch at With our four National League teams playing on the adjacent court we think we can have some fantastic afternoons of basketball at Oaklands."

Wolves will also be running a four team under-16 league, with two sides from the hosts joining Royals and Warriors in a competition designed to give players who haven't yet achieved National League level the chance to play at a good level with the chance to progress.

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