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CVL tips off in style

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Ipswich girls and Brentwood Leopards were the big winners as the new Herts Under-13 Central Venue League tipped off at Oaklands College, on Sunday.

Due to the travel involved, Ipswich will only visit once a month, but will play three games - rather than the usual two - each day. And they certainly started in style with a 34-17 victory against Wolves girls, before edging a thriller against Wolves U-13 Boys Development 24-23. A team that contained several of the side who had lost heavily in the under-14 friendly against Wolves the previous day than wrapped up the day with a 28-14 victory against Wolves U-12 boys.

Brentwood also made a good start with a 38-8 victory against Wolves U-12 Boys before beating Wolves U-13 Boys Development 36-12.

The action continues at Oaklands on Sunday with another five games as Wolves U-13 Performance, West Herts Warriors and East Herts Royals all make their debut in the competition.

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