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Ball Out joy for Wolves

St Albans Wolves girls were in superb form as they won the Ball Out 3X3 under-14 tournament at University of Essex, on Sunday.

Amye Swinney and Caitlin Ryan had helped Wolves reach the final of the East Region under-15 tournament last week, and having been joined by Jemima Uzoka they made no mistake this week with three comfortable wins.

In the group stage Brentwood Leopards were beaten 14-2 before they ensured top spot in the group stage with a 13-1 victory against Southend-based Wildcats.

After Brentwood had edged out Wildcats in a tight semi-final Wolves showed no mercy in the title game as they hammered them 15-3, with the game ending 101 seconds early as the St Albans side had reached the target score of 15.

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